Mad #206 (Albert Feldstein) - Carterbury Tales Issue - April 1979

The Mad editors and writers hated to see Richard Nixon go.  Post-Nixon, they paid little attention to Gerald Ford and for the first two years of the Carter administration, they barely acknowledged his existence until Mad #197.  However, Lou Silverstone and George Woodbridge managed to capture the various aspects of Jimmy Carter's world in their excellent but short (three pages) parody of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales.  The article introduces Carter's obscure cronies Bert Lance, Hamilton Jordan and Jody Powell in addition to more famous politicos of the time.  Finally, Silverstone closes with the proven winner (or loser) with the spectre of Nixon at the end.

This issue featured a letter from veteran DC comics writer and editor, E. Nelson Bridwell (1931-1987).  Mr. B. complimented the Mad gang for its excellent comic hero parody ("The Incredible Bulk") in Mad #204.  In the early days of the Mad magazine, Bridwell wrote 16 articles mostly illustrated by the great Wally Wood.  [JAM 9/29/2010]

"Spy vs. Spy" by Antonio Prohias was missing from Mad for the fifth consecutive issue.

Student has had brain surgery ("Everyday Scenes We'd Love to See" - page 36)

Look for Sesame Street's Count, Bert & Ernie, and Cookie Monster, and Charlie Brown in "The Eyes of Lurid Mess."

Soul Kitsch - Heaving Can Wait
Don Martin - Early One Morning in South America; One Magical Day in Modern Baghdad; One Evening in an Ohio Bus Station.
Robin' Us Blind - Who Killed the Country?
Adding Consult to Injury - Second Opinions in Non-Medical Cases
Berg's-Eye View - The Lighter Side of Surprises
Pick Acts - Comparison Tests in Everyday Life
Jungle Rot - A Mad Look at Tarzan ... Today
Lack of "Pro" Creation - TV Spin-Offs Yet to Come
The People's Chaucer - The Carterbury Tales
Wishful Winking - Everyday Scenes We'd Like to See
Givin' 'Em a Ribbon - Mad Medals of the Issue (Corporate Executives)
Out of Odor - Mad Scratch 'N' Sniff Strips
Ecch-Tachrome - The Eyes of Lurid Mess

Fold-In - Sun