Mad #202 (Albert Feldstein) - Caldwell and Danko Issue - October 1978

Editor Feldstein presented two new writers in this issue.  John Caldwell wrote "A Mad Look at Some Unfinished Sentences" drawn by Bob Clarke and Ed Danko wrote "You're a Genius If ... But You're an Idiot If ..." drawn by Paul Coker, Jr.  Caldwell became a Mad regular with 189 appearances to date (through Mad #505).  Danko has not written for Mad since but has become a respected news editor for CBS.  Actually, the Danko article was much better.  Caldwell, who is better known as an artist, joined such Mad regulars as Dave Berg, Sergio Aragones, Al Jaffee and Don Martin who produce complete articles for Mad.  In my opinion, with the exception of Jaffee's, the better Mad features are those that combine the excellent writing of Dick DeBartolo, Stan Hart, Frank Jacobs, Tom Koch, Larry Siegel or Lou Silverstone with the classic artwork of Mort Drucker, Jack Davis, Angelo Torres, George Woodbridge, Harry North or Bob Clarke. [JAM 9/23/2010]

The "Lust Boat" has an outboard motor. (page 45)

Look for Linus Van Pelt in "Coma-Toast" and publisher Gaines in "You're a Genius If ..."

Mindsnackbooks reader, Neil Wahlert has a letter published under "The Dummy & Mareek Show."

Yecchy Parts - Coma-Toast
Trash And Carry - Re-Cycling Your Throw-Aways
Mein Kamp - Uncle - The Magazine for Camp Counselors
L'After Thought - A Mad Look at Some Unfinished Sentences
Hokey-Focus - Candid Snapshots of Historical Celebrities
Don Martin - One Morning in Latin America; One Afternoon on the Beach; One Evening in a Bus Station
Berg's-Eye View - The Lighter Side of Over-Reacting
Athletes' Footnotes - Bubble Gum Cards That Reveal the Real Human Side of Athletes
Hotel It Like It Is - The Resort Owners Supply Catalogue
That Smarts! - You're a Genius If ... But You're an Idiot If ...
Cruises for Schmoozers, Boozers And Losers - Lust Boat

Fold-In - Van