Mad #20 (Harvey Kurtzman) - Fool the Teacher Issue - 1955

Mad went into thousands of public schools with the clever "Composition" cover.  Unfortunately, the contents were not as clever.  Recycled poetry, cowboy and movie stuff with one fair comics parody ("Katchandhammer Kids!") did not challenge the artists.  Jack Davis was the unlucky artist who had to draw two of the articles.

After numerous requests, Kurtzman gave a hint of the meaning of a Mad word in "Mad Mumblings:" "Potrzebie bounces." [PSA1]

According to Wikipedia, "potrzebie" is a declined form of a Polish word meaning "need." [JAM 3/18/2009]

Sound effects include "tramp, tramp, hobo."  ("Paul Revere's Ride!") - page 2

Newspaper Cartoon - Katchandhammer Kids! (Elder)
Comic Book - Sound Effects! (Wood)
Poetry - Paul Revere's Ride! (Davis)
Comparison - Cowboy! (Davis)