Mad #197 (Albert Feldstein) - Jimmy Carter Issue - March 1978

The Mad editors were trying to embrace Carter as a target for their humor but the fact is that Carter and his predecessor, Gerald Ford just did not meet the standard set by Mad's favorite politico - Richard Nixon.  Carter was the subject of Jack Rickard's cover and the feature article, "The White House Follies of 1977" or "1978" per the index.  However, Nixon still stole the show with graffiti and a missing tape on page 10, and a cameo on page 34 of "Mad Goes to a Preview of an 'In Search of ...' Movie." 

This was the issue for errors.  In addition to the title of the page-four article, page 44 was mis-numbered, and two word bubbles were unfinished on page 46. [JAM 8/9/2010]

Look for Linus, Lucy and Charlie Brown in "The White House Follies ..."

Horse is wearing a mask. (page 46)

Big Time Operetta - The White House Follies of 1977/1978
Don Martin - One Morning in an Old English Forest; One Afternoon in a New American Home; One Evening in a Hollywood TV Studio; Rapunzel (back cover)
Hire Flyer - Mad's Do-It-Yourself Job Application Letter
Sergio Aragones - A Mad Look at "Star Wars"
Charitease - Some Minor Medical Foundation Collection Drives
Telescopic Eye-Sore - Mad Close-Ups
Berg's-Eye View - The Lighter Side of Air
Aid-De-Chump - Instructions for Things That Need Instructions
Creature Presentation - Mad Previews an "In Search of ..." Movie
Hexercise - Staying in Shape
Heart Failure - Mad's "Romance-Love-Relationship" Book
Log Cabin Syrup - Little House, Oh, So Dreary

Fold-In - Soccer