Mad #195 (Albert Feldstein) - Pssst! Issue - December 1977

I think I speak for most of the Mad readers when I say that I want to see drawings and not just words on Mad covers.  However, once or twice per year the editors resort to the joke cover.  We did not even get Alf's smiling face on this one.  In the 1970s, we got eleven of these verbal covers but not more than two in one year.  I think the Mad editors realized that the readers were not pleased. [JAM 7/28/2010]

Look for Mr. Whipple and Captain Klutz in "Blarney Miller."

Terrorists are eating popcorn; Robert Shaw has a "chicken soup" I.V.; reporter is wearing a "PUSH" hat; officers are playing Monopoly in the "Mad Double Feature."  Fishface has a toilet paper roller on his typewriter (page 42).

Terrorflying Experiences - A Mad Double Feature: Blimp Sunday and Airplot '77
Plains Talk - The Carter Administration "Speaking From Pictures"
Don Martin - Early One Morning in South America; One Afternoon in Downtown Lourdes; One Evening on a Rooftop in Texas
Balancing Acts - Handicaps in Other Fields
Progressive Razz - The Mad "Like-Love-Hate" Book
Joke And Dagger - Spy vs. Spy
Waste Measurements - How Come You Worry About ... When ...?
Berg's-Eye View - The Lighter Side of Gadgets
Sic Transit Gloriously - Mad Specialized Tours for You And Your Neurosis
Revenge Is Mime - Zappy Endings We'd Like to See
What's in an Aim? - Decision-Making Dart Boards for Celebrities
From Badge to Worse - Blarney Miller
Guarantease - A Mad Warranty

Fold-In - Torch