Mad #194 (Albert Feldstein) - Sun Set Loony Issue - October 1977

Mad has always been adept at identifying the crooks and liars among us.  In this issue, writer Lou Silverstone takes aim at "Mad's 'Religious Cult Leader' of the Year."  The article is a thinly-disguised parody/satire of Reverend Sun Myung Moon of South Korea and his World Unification Church.  This editorial fearlessness is one of Mad's attributes that breeds loyalty in its readers.  Silverstone's Reverend Loony throws darts at Whistler's Mother, sells rifles and plans to buy America. [JAM 7/24/2010]

Look for Marlon Brando in "Rockhead" and "Schlock" beer in "Lavoine & Shoiley."

It's Stallone Ranger! - Rockhead
Don Martin - One Morning on the Bay; One Afternoon in the Post Office; One Evening in the Country
Muse Paper - The Daily Rhyme
A Star Is Shorn - If Today's Sex Symbols Weren't in Show Biz
Berg's-Eye View - The Lighter Side of Nights
Fool's Paradox - You're an Eternal Optimist If ...
A Moon for the Misbegotten - Mad's "Religious Cult Leader of the Year"
Character Assassination - Obituaries for TV Show Characters
Beach Nuts - A Mad Look at Sun 'N' Surf
Put Your Funny Where Your Mouth Is - Mad's Cliche Killers
On the Job, Straining - The Office Workers Hall of Fame
Broad Humor - Lavoine & Shoiley

Fold-In - Hot Dog Eater