Mad #193 (Albert Feldstein) - Reality World Issue

Al Jaffee is known as the creator of the "Mad Fold-In" but there is much more to Al than the inside-back-cover.  He is an accomplished artist and an excellent writer.  He has contributed to more issues of Mad than any other artist or writer.  In this issue, he drew Larry Siegel's "Reality World" and converted it from an ordinary article into the best article of the issue.  Siegel & Jaffee parodied Disneyland/Disney World based on an idea by Marc Bilgrey.  The parody shows 17 reality attractions that tell the truth about the 1977 world including "The Pirates of the Middle East," "It's a Crime World After All," and "The Haunted White House" with Nixon et al. to scare the riders. [JAM 7/22/2010]

Look for Jimmy Carter, Willie & Joe, Sad Sack and Snoopy in "When Members of Our Armed Forces Join a Union" and, Wonder Woman, Bionic Woman (will oil hole), Kojak, Baretta, Angie Dickinson, Laverne and Shirley in "Churlie's Angles."

Rock of Aged - A Star's a Bomb
Don Martin - One Monday Afternoon in a Downtown Jewelry Store; One Wednesday Evening in a Restaurant Men's Room; Late One Friday Night on an Uptown Street Corner
Show And Sell - Mad Products with Paired Names (That Tell What They Do)
Unbecoming Attractions - Reality World
Flim-Flam - A Mad Look at Movie-Making
Fone-Bonus - Famous People's Telephone Answering Machine Messages
The Joke's on U.S. - More "American Jokes" They're Telling in Poland
Sick Transit Gloriously - Mad Specialized Tours for You And Your Neurosis
Berg's-Eye View - The Lighter Side of Afternoons
Look for the "Union" Army - When Members of Our Armed Forces Join a Union
How Much Is on First? - Casey at the Talks
Joke And Dagger - Spy vs. Spy
Private-Eyefuls - Churlie's Angles

Fold-In - Oil Spill