Mad #192 (Albert Feldstein) - King Kong 1976 Issue - July 1977

This was the second King King parody by Mad.  The first was the parody in Mad #6 ("Ping! Pong!") of the 1933 movie drawn by the brilliant Will Elder (1921-2008).  Mad editors threw 13 pages and four artists (Bob Jones, Harry North, Sergio Aragones and Don Martin) at this remake.  This barrage of King Kong silliness satisfied Mad readers until the next remake (2005).

Mad also took aim at the citizen band radio craze.  Two articles ("A Mad Look at CB Radio" and "When CB-Type Code Language Is Used in Other Walks of Life") and Al Jaffee's fold-in explained this phenomenon.  Both articles explained the intricate language of the hobby that enjoyed widespread popularity from 1976 until almost the end of 1978.  If you still have one of these devices, you probably also have a really fine collection of eight-track tapes.  [JAM 7/21/2010]

Three of the government checks in "Government Checks for Not Doing Anything" are signed by "Mel Haney" - one of the early names (Mad #25) for the idiot kid now known as Alfred E. Neuman.

Kong-Phew - King Korn
Don Martin - One Day in Philadelphia; One Afternoon in Acapulco; One Night on Skull Island
Aerial Boreface - A Mad Look at C.B. Radio
Berg's-Eye View - The Lighter Side of Mornings
Putting on Heirs - Mad Forms for Personalized Wills
Kong-Two - A Mad Look at King Kong
Athlete's Feat - Mad's Academy Award for Jocks
"Snow" Biz - When "Truth in Advertising" Laws Apply to Movie Ads
Rig-Latin - C.B.-Type Code Language in Other Walks of Life
Parity Begins at Home - Government Checks for Not Doing Anything
Tele Like It Is! - Nutwork

Fold-In - Citizen Band