Mad #191 (Albert Feldstein) - Ransom Note Issue - June 1977

Mort Drucker was back in the lead position with Stan Hart's "Marathon Mess" but Angelo Torres ("The Jazzyslums") was moved out of the anchor position in favor of "Sobsession" (ransom note connection) drawn by Harry North.  I think the editors realized that Stan Hart's parody of The Jeffersons was rather mean-spirited with its treatment of black actors and did not want to end the issue on that tone.  Like Mad #188, there were several unfortunate jokes at the expense of black in this issue.  Artist Bob Jones (not that Bob Jones) brought back the watermelon stereotype (page 24) and Angelo Torres still thinks that afros are sooo funny.  Also, Torres created a Muhammed Ali doll for "Gorge Jazzyslum" when he acts like a baby.  Although I certainly do not believe that the Mad staff are racists, I think that they struggled to find the humor associated with our African-American friends. [JAM 7/20/2010]

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