Mad #190 (Albert Feldstein) - Second Ski Jump Issue - April 1977

Alfred E. Neuman mounted the ski jump on the cover of Mad #173 and finally took the plunge seventeen covers later.  Curiously, this second ski jump (drawn by Jack Rickard) coincided with Don (Duck) Edwing's article ("Presenting the Original Mad Cover And One Mad Moment Later!").  The article showed five Mad covers (#180, #172, #175, #173 & #185).  The later moment for Mad #173 was different than the current cover of Mad #190.  This discrepancy was noted by reader Don MacEwan on the letters page of Mad #192.

The Dick DeBartolo/Mort Drucker parody ("The Shootiest") of the last movie role for John Wayne (1907-1979) is excellent.

I must give artist Bob Jones credit for a nice try.  He drew Arnie Kogen's "Testimonial Roasts for Ordinary People" that required him to depict 17 celebrity presenters.  Some of them are obvious but others are not easily identified.  My guesses are:

1. Milton Berle (1908-2002) - but looks a bit like Frank Sinatra (1915-1998)
2. David Steinberg?
3. Jan Murray? (1916-2006)
4. Foster Brooks (1912-2001)
5. Steve Allen (1921-2000)
6. Don Rickles
7. Charles Grodin?
8. Howard Cosell? (1918-1995)
9. Henny Youngman (1906-1998)
10. Pat Paulsen? (1927-1997)
11. Dean Martin (1917-1995)
12. Burt Reynolds
13. Phyllis Diller
14. Totie Fields? (1930-1978)
15. Johnny Carson (1925-2005)
16. (no clue)
17. Rodney Dangerfield (1921-2004)

Artist Jones also gave us some terrific testimonial guests that included New York Mayor Abe Beame, Little Annie Fanny, Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Albert Alligator, Pogo Possum and Jaws.  Can someone help me with #16? [JAM 7/19/2010]

Look for Henry Winkler in "The Shootiest."

Lauren Bacall is making pigs-in-a-blanket on page 6.

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