Mad #19 (Harvey Kurtzman) - Racing Form Issue - 1955?

Following the puzzle cover issue, Will Elder "drewd" five pages of parody puzzles.  The best was Rebus number 6.  For the second, but not last time, Elder dominated the issue.  Did he ever sleep?

My copy of No. 19 has a date stamp ("OCT 19 '54").  In accordance with the EC staff plans, issues of Mad could remain on the newsstand for three months or more. [PSA1]

Racing form jockeys are future Mad writers: Kovacs, Price, Bob & Ray, etc. (cover)

Animation - Mickey Rodent! (Elder)
The American Scene - Supermarkets! (Davis)
Filler - Puzzle Pages! (Elder)
Hollywood - The Cane Mutiny! (Wood)