Mad #189 (Albert Feldstein) - New Yorker Parody Cover Issue - March 1977

Mad continued its tradition of disguising itself as something else with the back cover by Bob Clarke showing the New Yorker being robbed.  The first magazine cover parody was the 1954 Life parody by Basil Wolverton (Mad #11).  This was followed by a crime magazine (Mad #16), the high school Composition book (Mad #20), Reader's Digest (Mad #33), Saturday Evening Post (Mad #69) and Newsweek (Mad #83).  Editor Feldstein also copied the Kurtzman Composition book for Mad #64.  The Saturday Evening Post parody cover (Mad #69) was basically a copy of Panic #3 that was Mad's sister publication also edited by Feldstein.

Mort Drucker was missing except for one drawing on page 20 that was probably swiped from another issue.  His place was taken by Harry North, Esq. ("The Omenous") [JAM 7/18/2010]

Look for the "vital signs" of frozen bodies of Publisher Gaines, Producer Brenner and Jaffee in "A Mad Look at Some Exciting New Job Opportunities."

Patient's broken left foot is in traction on the right side of the bed (page 7); the piggy bank is sad (page 17); the "Camptown Ladies" live on "Doodah St." (page 20)

Peck's Bad Boy - The Omenous
Don Martin - One Morning in a Courtroom; One Afternoon While Running an Errand; One Evening at a Banquet
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Beating the Lexicon Game - A Little Kid's Guide to Understanding the News
Incident Replay - More "What's the Story?"
Consult Your Classicfied - The Literary Yellow Pages
Losers-Weepers - It's Adding Insult to Injury When ...
Berg's-Eye View - The Lighter Side of Winning
See How They Run! - The Human Race
The Jokes on U.S. - American Jokes They're Telling in Poland
Ice Pix - A Mad Look at Winter
Hire Aspirations - A Mad Look at Some Exciting New Job Opportunities
A Grapple for the Teacher - Welcome Back, Klodder

Fold-In - Skateboard