Mad #182 (Albert Feldstein) - Twin Towers Issue - April 1976

Argentine-born artist, Arnoldo Franchioni (signature: "Francho") produced articles for 16 issues of Mad during the 1970s.  Articles combined drawings and cut-out photographs providing social commentary regarding the times.  In Mad #182 he landed on page four with "A Mad Portfolio of ... Some Idealists' Dreams."  His drawings illustrated the evils of current culture including polluting vehicles & industries, weapons of destruction and toxic chemicals.  One of the final images showed two radicals destroying the World Trade Center Twin Towers.  These buildings had been completed in the early 1970s and were briefly the tallest two buildings in the world.  Certainly, Francho could not have anticipated the terrorist events that would occur in the next quarter century.  However, it is somewhat significant that a foreign-born artist would identify the buildings as potential targets for extremists.

Bob Jones drew his first of five Mad covers with a twist on the magician's rabbit. [JAM 7/3/2010]

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