Mad #180 (Albert Feldstein) - Jaws Issue - January 1976

The Mad editors called upon famed men's magazine artist, Mort Kuntsler (aka "Mutz) to draw the shark on the cover of Mad #180.  Kunstler's drawings/paintings have appeared on covers and insides of Stag, For Men Only, Male, Sportsman, Men, Men's Pictorial and others.  He is also noted for his American Civil War paintings.  This was one of only two appearances by Mutz in Mad to date.

Steven Spielberg's Jaws was the popular movie of 1975 winning Oscars for film editing, music and sound.  The movie shark model lives on at the Universal Studios tour.  The Mutz cover was followed by the Siegel/Drucker parody, "Jaw'd" and then for good measure, Sergio Aragones added eleven shark jokes in "A Mad Look at Sharks."  [JAM 6/29/2010]

Look for mouseketeer Annette is "Jaw'd" and the chicken in Rhoda's mother's soup (page 17).

Mouse is a Notre Dame fan (page 42).

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