Mad #18 (Harvey Kurtzman) - Puzzle Cover Issue - 1954

My copy of No. 18 has all the dots connected by the pencil of a young Mad reader.  I love it!  Answer to puzzle appears in Mad No. 22.  Connect the dots to spell: "cant draw very well can you."

This issue featured excellent drawings of the classic Alice in Wonderland by Jack Davis, another black-and-white television parody, a prison movie parody and one more "Pot-Shot Pete" reprint. [PSA1]

There is a window box at Stalag 18.  ("Stalag 18!") - page 1

[See reference to Mad #18 in Alice in Comicland by Craig Yoe]

The Classics - Alice in Wonderland (Davis)
T.V. - Howdy Dooit! (Elder)
Collector's Item - Pot-Shot Pete (Kurtzman)
Movie - The Cane Mutiny! (Wood)