Mad #179 (Albert Feldstein) - Lower Price Issue - December 1975

Not really.  It's just a cover joke.

Sometimes, Mad predicts the future.  That was the case with "Future 'No-Frills Air Travel' Gimmicks" by Dick DeBartolo and Al Jaffee.  Those of us who have been exposed to the current "no frills" airline policies are not amused.  DeBartolo/Jaffee rightfully predicted that "airlines can save millions by eliminating all free meals, and then earn additional revenues by selling franchises to Concessionaires who would supply passengers with food."  They also predicted negatives changes regarding baggage charges, cancelled flights and passenger weight restrictions.  With the ridiculous security line checks and carry-on restrictions, current air travel is comparable to a cattle drive.  If a game show awards an airline ticket as first prize, my first reaction is that second prize must be two tickets. [JAM 6/28/2010]

Look for a witch and an upside down flight in "No-Frills Air Travel" and a horse with a moustache like Omar Sharif in "Fun Lady."

(From reader Tony Perodeau) - "Today (June 5, 2014) is the 40th anniversary of the "Ten Cent Beer Night" baseball riot in Cleveland which inspired Lou Silverstone to write 'Mad's Obnoxious Sports Spectator of the Year' ... Jack Davis was perfect for this."

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