Mad #178 (Albert Feldstein) - Twelve Horsemen Issue - October 1975

In Mad #176, Tom Koch wrote an article ("Talent Evaluation Ads for Other Career Training Programs") that included the "Horse Drawers' Art Instructional School."  Well, this was just too much temptation for the "usual gang of idiots."  The gang hijacked the letters page of issue #178 with their renditions of the sample horse.  The twelve drawings (Rickard, Martin, Coker, Drucker, Jaffee, Prohias, Clarke, Berg, Davis, Torres, Aragones and Woodbridge) show the diversity of talent available to Mad editors in the mid-1970s.  Of the twelve, my favorite is the one by Jaffee which is actually a self-portrait of Al in a bad horse costume.

The issue also presented the first of four appearances by noted illustrator, Sandy Kossin ("A Mad Look at Some Well-Kept Celebrities' Secrets").  Mr. Kossin is better known for his excellent color drawings for children's books.

And, Don Martin returned to his favorite subject (Mount Rushmore) with the world's largest q-tip. [JAM 6/26/2010]

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