Mad #174 (Albert Feldstein) - Nixon Garage Sale Issue - April 1975

The Mad writers really hated to see Richard Nixon go but they finally acknowledged the existence of the Ford family in Lou Silverstone's "A White House Garage Sale" that included autographed books that sell for less than new copies, ten cases of ketchup and John Wayne's hat.  Other Mad writers were also cleaning out the Nixon jokes from their garages.  Don Reilly spins the "Modern Fairy Tale" about the President who refused to avoid the "Law of Taxation."  Arnie Kogen revealed his library of "extremely thin books" that included "Where Me And Nixon Disagree" by "Gerry Ford."  Silverstone also reminded everyone that he should not be blamed because "I voted for McGovern."  Frank Jacob's "Additions to the Dictionary" includes the word "nixon" that means either "a busted football play" or "an illness lasting six years." And, finally, Dick DeBartolo found room in "The Tommy-Red Seed" to remark that "San Clemente is already occupied" in response to a question about political asylum. [JAM 6/22/2010]

Look for Kojak and Serpico in "Death Wishers."

Seeds are in the shape of Popeye, Dick Tracy and Alfred E. Neuman in "The Tommy-Red Seed."

Mugger-Bugger - Death Wishers
Don Martin - Young Dr. Freen; One Day at a Bus Stop; Professor Bleent And the Floon Beetle Expedition
General Staff Infection - A Mad Look at the Military
Joke And Dagger - Spy vs. Spy
Grimm Reality - More Modern Fairy Tales
Jest Desserts - Some Real Life Scenes We'd Like to See
Narrow-Minded - A Second Collection of Extremely Thin Books
Berg's-Eye View - The Lighter Side of Anxiety
Making Room for the Ford - A White House Garage Sale
Flip/Flops - The Mad "Good News - Bad News" Book
Many Happy Returns - It Almost Restores Your Faith When
Neumanclature - Additions to the Dictionary
Bukkshevik - The Tommy-Red Seed

Fold-In - Tennis Court