Mad #170 (Albert Feldstein) - Ecchorcist Issue - October 1974

In 1974 in the days before citywide release, there were lines are the corner full of people waiting to see the most scary movie of the day, The Exorcist.  The Siegel/Drucker parody in Mad captured the essence of the movie that caused the mania.  In addition to the excellent parody, the editors of Mad provided an "Exorcist Barf Bag" on the cover and added some very sick characters in the logo, spoofing the original Mad magazine logo designed by Harvey Kurtzman.  Artist Drucker was in fine form, adding Linus Van Pelt, Ted Kennedy, Sam Ervin, Gerald Ford, Clark Gable, Mae West, Flip Wilson (as Geraldine Jones), Doctor Kildare, Ben Casey, Sam Jaffee, Raymond Massey and Marcus Welby to the party. [JAM 5/24/2010]

There is a tape on the White House lawn (page 5).

Between the Devil And the Holy See - The Ecchorcist
Opti-Missed - Wishful Thinking
Don Martin - One Sunday Morning on the Beach; One Day in the Arctic
The Meet Rack - Mad's "Singles Only" Resort Owner of the Year
Spooking from Pictures - Horrifying Cliches
Setting a President - Mad's "Do-It-Yourself" Impeachment Newspaper Story
Berg's-Eye View - The Lighter Side of Hot Weather
Alfred's Poor Almanac - August 15th to October 2nd
Detouring the Parks' Way - If Other Celebrities Hosted the "Miss America" Pageant
Web Behind the Years - You Know You Married A Gal/Guy Who's Much Too Young/Old for You When
Medi-Caterers - The 1974 Hospital Supply Catalogue
Butterfly McQueen - Popicorn

Fold-In - Balloon