Mad #169 (Albert Feldstein) - Special Cop Out Issue - September 1974

Mort Drucker's drawings first appeared in the April 1957 issue of Mad (#32) with "The Rolly Cigarette Ad" when Mad editors were already warning readers about "lung congestion."  He finally got a cover of his own with his drawings of "Serpicool and McClod" in a police lineup with Alfred E. Neuman.  The suspects in the lineup are measured by "I..Q." instead of inches with Alf being somewhat below 100.  Unfortunately, the cover is better than either of the parodies within.  Drucker also shared the cover of Mad #122 with his caricatures of 1968 presidential candidates Hubert Humphrey (1911-1978), Richard Nixon (1913-1994), Nelson Rockefeller (1908-1979), George Wallace (1919-1998), Ronald Reagan (1911-2004), Eugene McCarthy (1916-2005) and Lyndon Johnson (1908-1973).

Name of funeral home is "Digg & Plante" on page 34.

Graft Dodger - Serpicool
Add-Vertising - Trademark Graffiti
Alfred's Poor Almanac - June 27th to August 14th
The Bare Facts - A Mad History of Sex
Don Martin - One Day in the City; One Day at Notre Dame; One Day in the Patent Office
Berg's-Eye View - The Lighter Side of the High Cost of Living
Staking Acclaim - A Mad Guide to Status Symbols
Cash And Bury - A Mad Look at Funerals
Hitting the Pitch - Follow-Up Letters to Advertisers
Post Exchanges - Mad's Talking Stamps
Court Jesting - The Mad Tennis Primer
Plainclothesman - McClod

Fold-In - Gas Pump