Mad #167 (Albert Feldstein) - Busing Issue - June 1974

Arnie Kogen's article, "Bussing [sic] in Other Areas" is somewhat politically-incorrect and really silly.  Who would ever think that the policy of busing school children for racial integration would someday lead to "bussing [sic] the staff of an underground newspaper to a Pat Boone Christmas party?"  In this three-page article, Kogen and artist George Woodbridge manage to stereotype and offend fat people, ugly people, Let's Make a Deal, the Salvation Army, hard-hat construction workers, marine drill sergeants, Fire Island residents, bowlers in Muncie, Indiana, Fred Waring (1900-1984), the Sierra Club, McDonalds and Publisher William M. Gaines (at McDonalds), as well as Mr. Boone.  In other words, this is the perfect Mad article. [JAM 5/20/2010]

Books in the dorm room of "What Is an Introvert?" are "John's (Putnam) Girls," "(Albert) Feldstein's Law," "Bill's (Gaines) Dough," "Lenny's (Brenner) Thought," "Nick's (Meglin) Operas," and "Jerry's (De Fuccio) Letters."  Bookends are naked Bill Gaines and Lenny Brenner.

Male Chauvinist Pig-Malion - My Fair Laddie
Buck Fever - A Mad Look at the Almighty Dollar Sign
Hack Film-Maker - Mad's Karate Movie Producer of the Year
Don Martin - One Fine Evening in the Castle; One Tuesday Afternoon after School; One Day in a Laboratory
The Other Side of the Con - You Know There's Something Fishy When
Withdrawn And Quartered - What Is an Introvert?
Berg's-Eye View - The Lighter Side of Minor Ailments
Grin And Bearer - On a Safari
Diamond And the Rough - The Mad Game of "Basebrawl!"
Petroleum Jolly - A mad Look at the Gas Shortage
Sic Transit - Bussing in Other Areas
Cops at Bay - The Straights of San Francisco

Fold-In - Television Crime