Mad #166 (Albert Feldstein) - Middle Finger Issue - April 1974

One of the most popular Mad covers of all time is this one that just shows a hand with the middle finger extended under the caption: "The Number One Ecch Magazine."  The cover was drawn but not signed by Norman Mingo who may not have been so proud of this one.  This may or may not be the hand of Alfred E. Neuman. 

The issue features some excellent drawings of American Graffiti characters and vehicles in "American Confetti" written by Larry Siegel.  Drawings of Ron Howard, Richard Dreyfuss, Paul LeMat, Charles Martin Smith and Mackenzie Phillips are right on the money.  The final scene provides a cameo opportunity for Ringo Starr that is quite similar to the back cover, Breck shampoo parody drawing by Frank Frazetta (1928-2010) in Mad #90. [JAM 5/19/2010]

Letters to the editor in "Gambler Magazine" (written by Stan Hart) are from "W.G." (William Gaines), "A.F." (Albert Feldstein), "N.M." (Nick Meglin), "L.S." (Larry Siegel) and "J.D.F." (Jerry De Fuccio).  Classified ads mention "Breonard Lenner" (Leonard Brenner) and "Lawrence Siegel."

In Siegel's "Clean Ads for Dirty Movies," Rona Barrett is quoted as saying: "Maria Schneider is France's answer to Tuesday Weld!" to which Tuesday Weld responds: "I never asked France a single question!"

Reader Neil Wahlert notes that Don Martin drew himself, writer Lou Silverstone and Yecch taking a bow on page 2 of the Letters Dept.

Reader Tony Perodeau notes that this issue includes a rare work in color by Dave Berg ("The Call of the Mild") on the inside front cover.

There's Gold in Oldies - American Confetti
Site Saver - The Historic Landmark
Statue of Liberty Play - A Mad Look at Miss Liberty
Patrons of the Odds - Gambler Magazine
Don Martin - Don Martin Looks at Three Fairy Tales
Berg's-Eye View - The Lighter Side of Polarization
Joke And Dagger - Spy vs. Spy
Mal-Contents - If People Were Labeled Like Products
Ham And Cheers - Awards for Best Performances in Everyday Situations
Porn Free - Clean Ads for Dirty Movies
Prime-Time Operators - M*A*S*H*UGA
Dietripe - Eat Out And Lose Weight

Fold-In - Gay Men