Mad #164 (Albert Feldstein) - Yecch Issue - January 1974

"Yecch" (with or without the letter "y") is one of the most flexible of Mad words.  It has been used since the early days of Mad with additional "c's" and "h's" as needed.  In this issue, Yecch is the monster name in the movie parody written by Lou Silverstone and brilliantly drawn by Don Martin.  For the first time in years, Martin consented to draw a story that he did not write.  This parody is similar to "Eccchhh, Teen-Age Son of Thing" in Mad #40 drawn by the great Wally Wood.  Silverstone/Martin's Yecch is a pile of disgusting trash that travels through toilet bowls.  This monster is also similar to The Swamp Thing that appeared in DC comics in 1971 and the 1982 Wes Craven movie.  [JAM 5/15/2010]

Look for the Lone Ranger in "Kung Fool" and publisher William M. Gaines in "The Lighter Side of the Holiday Season."

Reader Neil Wahlert has identified Nick Meglin and Jerry DeFuccio on page 22 of "The Lighter Side of the Holiday Season."

Chop Shtick - Kung Fool
House Dressing - A Modern Fairy Tale
On-the-Job Straining - New Names for Old Occupations
Land of the Freebie - If All Businesses Used Sales Promotion Gimmicks
Roam, Sweet Home - Customized Mobile Homes
Berg's-Eye View - The Lighter Side of the Holiday Season
The Best Splayed Plans - An Architectural Triumph
Don Martin - "Yecch!" or "What a Waste!"
Joke and Dagger - Spy vs. Spy
Holiday Jeer - Mad's 1973 Christmas Poem
Wise Guide - Mad Rattlers
Letter Openers - What's in a Name (Part II - Institutions)
Ryan's Daughter - Caper Goon

Fold-In - Politician