Mad #159 (Albert Feldstein) - No Drucker No Spies Issue - June 1973

Upon opening this issue, I immediately noticed that something was missing.  The movie parody ("A Crockwork Lemon") was drawn by George Woodbridge instead of Mort Drucker.  This parody of the movie from the novel (A Clockwork Orange) by Anthony Burgess (1917-1993) would seem to be the perfect outlet for Mr. Drucker's talents.  Without Drucker, the article reads more like a movie review.  Neither writer Stan Hart nor artist Woodbridge could find humor in the interpretation beyond the constant vomit produced by the protagonist.  And, to complete the strangeness of the issue, Antonio Prohias takes us on a treasure hunt to replace the clever spies.  The back cover features the one and only appearance in Mad by artist Harry Jaffee, brother of Al. [JAM 4/6/2010]

The judge has a toy "Mattel" gallows on his podium (page 42).

De Sadest Story Ever Told - A Crockwork Lemon
Mondo Corny - Mad's Global Impressions
A Worse Mousetrap - Planned Obsolescence in Everyday Necessities
Finders, Weepers - The Treasure Map
You're in the Army - Wow! - Future Enlistment Posters
Berg's-Eye View - The Lighter Side of Spectators
Don Martin - One Night in the Living Room; One Day on a Transcontinental Jet
Insect Asides - Mad "Bugs" the Insect World
To Telly Truth - How Come on TV ... ?
Fever Pitch - Failing Health Magazine
We Got Your Penumbra - The Shadow Knows
Dere Go D' Judge - Owem Marshmallow, Attorney-At-Law

Fold-In - VD