Mad #158 (Albert Feldstein) - Whack a Liberal Issue - April 1973

There were two major articles in this issue devoted to left-wing lifestyles.  One was good ("American Trash and Trivia Company's Head Shop Supplies" - catalogue parody) by Tom Koch and the other was really bad.("Mad Interviews a Typical Liberal Family") by the apparently angry Lou Silverstone.  The latter story portrays liberals as hypocrites who neither practice nor really believe what they preach.  Whatever this family was, it was not "typical."  However, Koch's parody was quite humorous.  Some of the items offered were the book of "The Thoughts of Chairman Mao" (Frobisher) including "American mothers want a turbo generating plant on the Platte River" for $1.15 per dozen; a cabbage-smelling incense burning tray that looks like Bill Gaines; a psychedelic 576-pound wax lump; and various health foods like "crunchy, somewhat nutritious wafers" and "stone ground ragweed flour bread" ... "since records indicate that these loonies will buy anything at any price once they are convinced that the pathway to a long, healthful life lies in eating strange rubbish."  Al Jaffee also followed the pattern by asking the fold-in question: "Whose life would be seriously endangered if pot were legalized?" [JAM 4/1/2010]

Protester is holding a "Bring Back Potrzebie" sign on page 40.  [I agree - best Mad word ever]

Reader Neil Wahlert found writer Frank Jacobs in "The Lighter Side of Reading."

(From reader Tony Perodeau) - "News that 'Law & Order: SVU' has been renewed reminds me of the Spy vs. Spy ... in which White tricks Black into making a sexual advance on the lady who is hosting them at a tea table.  She kicks Black out, but it's clear from her expression that she'll be upset for a long time."

Police Farce - The New Comedians
Screen Plagues - The Mad TV Viewers Hate Book
Theme Scheme - Rewriting Your Way to a Ph.D.
Don Martin - Late One Night in a Waterfront Tavern; One Evening at a Masquerade Party
Berg's-Eye View - The Lighter Side of Reading
Pump And Circumstance - ... But It's the Same Old Gas!
Fate-A-Compli - Why Does It Always Happen That
Bleeding Heart Burn - Mad Interviews a Typical Liberal Family
Joke And Dagger - Spy vs. Spy
Freak Enterprise - A "Head Shop Supplies" Catalogue
Symbol English - Patterns of Speech
The Other Side of the Corn - When All of TV Must Grant Equal Time

Fold-In - Whiskey Bottle