Mad #155 (Albert Feldstein) - Godfather Issue - December 1972

Mad editors devoted the cover, the first nine pages and their best writer/artist combination (Larry Siegel/Mort Drucker) to the parody of The Godfather but it is just not funny.  Organized crime is not that funny.  I was also not amused by "A Mad Look at Hunting."  Better articles were the two written by Tom Koch: "The House of Krudd" and "The Mary Tailor-Made Show."  This is the second appearance of "Mary Tailor-Made" in Mad (see Mad #149).  Koch and artist Angelo Torres do a great job of exposing the improbable aspects of the television news comedy.  And, in the "Krudd" gift catalogue, we are offered 29 indispensible items such as the "Paraguayian computer" made of rocks and vines, the full-size, antique-car cigarette lighter, and the personalized combination tire pump/juice squeezer.  [JAM 3/27/2010]

There is an octopus in the water cooler on page 17.

The Family That Preys Together Slays Together - The Odd Father
Don Martin - One Tuesday Morning/One Day at the Photographer's/One Day at a Seance
Rabble-Scrabble - A Parade of Mad Co-Signers
Inside-Ouch - Behind the Scenes at Your Power & Light Company
Speech-Easy - Bullying Your Way Through Election Campaigns
Joke And Dagger - Spy vs. Spy
The Forest's Prime Evil - A Mad Look at Hunting
Berg's-Eye View - The Lighter Side of Commuting
Post Waste - A Typical "Mail Order Gift Catalogue"
Sports-Blaster - Howard at the Mike
Moore of the Same - The Mary Tailor-Made Show

Fold-In - Pumpkin