Mad #152 (Albert Feldstein) - Mannix Issue - July 1972

Mannix was a popular and violent television detective show starring Mike Connors that ran from 1967 to 1975.  The show was the subject of Lou Silverstone's inspired parody ("Manic") that somehow valuable "Van Gogo ear."  Artist Angelo Torres also had fun with the improbable storyline.  Writer Tom Koch also used the Mannix character as one of his foils in "A Treasury of Television Poetry and Prose" with "Preamble to Mike Connors' Contract" wherein the producers promise that Connors will "miraculously survive the trompings, shootings and concussions ..."  Koch (and artist Jack Davis) also found room to skewer Milton Berle (1908-2002), Jerry Lewis, Rod Serling (1924-1975), Pat Paulsen (1927-1997), Pat Boone, Mary Tyler Moore, Johnny Carson (1925-2005), David Brinkley (1920-2003), Greg Morris (1933-1996), James Arness, Doris Day and Howard Cosell (1918-1995). [JAM 3/10/2010]

Look for Popeye, Archie Bunker and Steve McQueen (1930-1980) in "What's the Connection?"

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