Mad #151 (Albert Feldstein) - Quality Issue - June 1972

In another attack on its own cover format, Mad published itself with an intentional printing flaw while saluting American industry for " ... quality, perfection, and high standards of production."

The only above average article in the issue is the Larry Siegel parody of the Mike Nichols movie, Carnal Knowledge.  This was a racy movie in its day but it seems quite tame by today's standards.  Writer Larry Siegel easily identifies the story flaws and artist Mort Drucker has a lot of fun with the actors.  Mortimer Snerd, one of Candice Bergen's wooden "brothers" is one of the students in the 1943 opening dance scene, and Art Garfunkel has a photo of his former singing partner, Paul Simon on the wall of his bedroom.  This was a very depressing movie about some selfish, privileged but unhappy people who just never could find their greener pastures. [JAM 3/9/2010]

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