Mad #15 (Harvey Kurtzman) - Pot-Shot Pete Issue - 1954

This was a classic issue with parodies "Gasoline Valley!" (Elder) and "Wild 1/2" (Wood), the second black-and-white television parody (Davis), and a reprint of Kurtzman's "Pot-Shot Pete."  I love the cover.  Lewis Carroll would approve. [PSA1]

Pete is wearing his badge on the outside of his disguise.  ("Pot-Shot Pete") - page 2

[See copy of printer's proof of cover of Mad #15 in Alice in Comicland by Craig Yoe]

Newspaper Comics - Gasoline Valley! (Elder)
Collector's Item - Pot-Shot Pete (Kurtzman)
Hollywood - Wild 1/2 (Wood)
T.V. - Captain Tvideo (Davis)