Mad #147 (Albert Feldstein) - Little Dull Man Issue - December 1971

Mort Drucker was in fine form as usual drawing the movie parody of Little Big Man.  Drucker and writer Arnie Kogen did a good job of identifying the inconsistencies of an otherwise very entertaining movie.  The drawings of native American actor, Chief Dan George (1899-1981) and others are exceptional.  The Chief received five nominations for his performance and won three (Golden Laurel, NFSC & NYFCC).

In a rather mean-spirited television parody, Jewish writer Larry Siegel skewered the writers of All in the Family by introducing Starchie's buddy, Adolf Hitler into the show.  Ignorant bigots are not equivalent to Nazi maniacs.  The popularity of this Norman Lear production was curious in the day.  Many viewers watched to laugh at the stupidity of the Carroll O'Connor (1924-2001) character.  At the same time, other viewers who watched were actually in agreement with the racism displayed by Archie Bunker.  In reality, Mr. O'Connor was an intelligent and quite liberal individual whose personality was the polar opposite of Bunker.  Did writer Siegel misinterpret the message of All in the Family or was he just writing on a deadline?  I agreed with Siegel's earlier condemnation of Hogan's Heroes (Mad #108) but I think that the Archie Bunker character was a self-parody that should not have been compared to Hitler. [JAM 3/3/2010]

Look for Woody Allen and Tiny Tim in "Little Dull Man".  Also look for Publisher William M. Gaines and the Dave Berg self-portrait as "Roger Kaputnik" in "The Lighter Side of Time".

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