Mad #143 (Albert Feldstein) - Funny Girl Issue - June 1971

Barbra Streisand was the primary target of this issue that jumbled three of her movies into one parody.  The clever writing was by Frank Jacobs but the star of the publication was again Mort Drucker with his caricatures of Streisand, Omar Sharif, Walter Matthau (1920-2000), Elliot Gould and Yves Montand (1921-1991).

This issue also marked the brief and last return of the great Wally Wood (1927-1981).  He drew the two-page "Altar Ego" written by Marylyn Ippolito.  Although the drawings were devoid of the usual Wood inside jokes, the last page is pure-Wood with his drawings of children and rodents including the cigarette-smoking baby.  As I have written before, I wish that he had placed one more "wagon kid" in the scene on page 30.  During this time, Wood was busy editing Witzend and he always needed the cash.  This was the only appearance of a Wood drawing in Mad after numbers 1 through 86 and #90.  [JAM 2/18/2010]

Look for the entire male Mad office staff on page 31 as drawn by Angelo Torres.  Reader Neil Wahlert notes that Lou Silverstone is the staffer with the gun to his head next to a self-portrait of Torres.

The ugly patient scared the trash out of the trash can (page 47).

Reader Tony Perodeau has suggested that "One Day in a Bus Depot" was Don Edwing's idea.

At the Beak of Her Career - On a Clear Day You Can See a Funny Girl Singing "Hello Dolly" Forever
In the Line of Doody - Ordure of the Day
Double-Takes - Nixon and Agnew as Seen By
Don Martin - One Day in a Bus Depot; In a Specialist's Office
Summer Come Louder - Specialized Camp Ads We're Bound to See
Berg's-Eye View - The Lighter Side of Baby Sitting
Fowl Play - Hawks & Doves
Oedipus Nix - Mother's Day Cards from the "Now" Generation
Sermon on the Amount - Altar Ego
Friday Night Dud-Line - The Game Is Inane
Joke And Dagger - Spy vs. Spy
Severance Play - You Know It's Really Over When
Clash of '71 - ABC's Campus Riot of the Week

Fold-In - Fur Coat