Mad #142 (Albert Feldstein) - West Side Story Again Issue - April 1971

The country was still besieged by revolutionaries and protesters in 1971 and the awful Nixon/Agnew administration was not making things any better.  Writer Frank Jacobs revived West Side Story for another parody (See the Jacobs/Drucker classic "East Side Story" in Mad #78) with militant extremists as the protagonists in "West Coast Story."  Jack Davis was the obvious artist to draw all of the crazies.  This eight-page tour de force by Jacobs features more of his excellent song parodies. Those ever-present revolutionaries could also be found in the Al Jaffee fold-in.

Unfortunately, we were also subjected to four more unfunny pages from Max Brandel. [JAM 2/16/2010]

Fred McMoron has the American Gothic painting in his den (page 43).

Extremist Unction - West Coast Story
Better Red Than Red - Communism - Revisited
Fowl Play - Hawks & Doves
Pain in the Ads - Violent TV Commercials
Things That Go Bump in the Trite - Horrifying Cliches
Environ-Mental Illness - Mad Salutes the Output of American Industry
Ma And Pa-Thetic - What Is a Parent?
Conversation Piece - Telephone Taps We'd Like to Hear
Don Martin - One Night in the Acme Ritz Central Arms etc. Hotel
Joke And Dagger - Spy vs. Spy
Teeny-Bopper-Poppa - Mad's Dirty Old Man of the Year
Heaven-Sent - Children's Letters from God
If It's Saturday, It Must Be Boredom - My Three Sonnyboys

Fold-In - Right Turn