Mad #140 (Albert Feldstein) - Dodo Issue - January 1971

There was nothing special about this issue but I thought the Stan Hart/Angelo Torres television parody ("The Doris Daze Show") was better than the featured movie parody (Put*On) by Larry Siegel/Mort Drucker with cover drawing by Norman Mingo.  Torres captured the perkiness, purity and freckles of Ms. Day with lots of sight jokes.  I love the framed photograph of Rock Hudson (1925-1985) signed "I love me."  And, did anyone notice that her youngest son is smoking a cigar on page 44?

Sergio Aragones began his "A Mad Look At ..." series with birds as the subject and Alfred Bird hatching out of a cubical egg.  In future issues, the Aragones article will eventually be offered under the "Serg(e)-In General Department" (Mad #276). [JAM 1/31/2010]

Look for Beetle Bailey and Sad Sack in "Put*On, and Smokey Bear in "The Doris Daze Show."

Great Scott! - Put*On
Don Martin - One Day on Location; One Day in the Life of an Optician
Narc, Narc! Who's There? - The Mad Blow Your Mind Drug Primer
Berg's-Eye View - The Lighter Side of Bad Habits
Fowl-Play - Hawks & Doves
Fat Chance! - That'll Be the Day
Follow the Bouncing Christmas Ball - Mad Christmas Carols for the 1970 Holiday Season
Past Tensions - If There'd Been Advice Columns Through History
Audubon-Bons - A Mad Look at Birds
Off the Pigskin - You Know You're Really a Football Fan When
Jingle Belts - Mad Christmas Cards from Celebrities
Joke And Dagger - Spy vs. Spy
Freckles And Her Friends - The Doris Daze Show

Fold-In - Peace