Mad #14 (Harvey Kurtzman) - Mona Lisa Issue - 1954

The concept that was marginal in No. 13 (Literature/Cinema), was excellent in No. 14 (Cinema/Advertising).  The difference -- Wally Wood's three excellent, full-page movie posters.  Thus another aspect of Wood's versatility was revealed.  His classic poster ("Gluggle!") appeared in the first Mad magazine.

Kurtzman's writing was excellent -- four stories, two of them comics parodies ("Manduck the Magician" and "Plastic Sam") and the other two creative looks at television and movies.  Russ Heath (Plastic Sam) was the last artist to replace Severin, but only for one issue. [PSA1]

There are three-legged pants on the clothes line.  ("Movie!Ads!") - page 6

Newspaper Cartoon - Manduck the Magician (Elder)
Cinema/Advertising - Movie!/Ads! (Wood)
Television - Countynental! (Davis)
Plastic Hero Worship - Plastic Sam! (Heath)