Mad #124 (Albert Feldstein) - Rosemia's Boo-Boo Issue - January 1969

This parody of Rosemary's Baby is among the best movie parodies to ever appear in Mad.  Arnie Kogen wrote an excellent story and Mort Drucker provided the flawless drawings.  The story starts with an "air of mystery" and continues with demons, witches and devil jokes on almost every frame of the seven-page article.  I like the fact that the old guy, Sidney Blackmer (1895-1973) wears a "warlock" earring and smokes Salems.  It is also interesting that Mia Farrow's first husband, Frank Sinatra (1915-1998) made an appearance during the dream sequence. 

There is a gross error in Sy Reit's article about polls and surveys through history (page 23).  Mr. Reit includes a 1952 memo from Publisher William M. Gaines to Editor Al (Feldstein?).  The editor of Mad in 1952 was Harvey Kurtzman who created the concept.  Shame on you Sy Reit and Albert Feldstein! [JAM 12/2/2009]

Look for  Twiggy and Lucy van Pelt (page 7), Alfred Hitchcock (page 9), Count Dracula (page 13), Alfred E. Neuman from the rear (page 14) and Snoopy (page 28).

Reader Neil Wahlert claims that Associate Editor Jerry DeFuccio is one of the make-out men on page 24.

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