Mad #123 (Albert Feldstein) - Collectible Issue - December 1968

My issue of Mad #123 was numbered 1,189,168 (in a series of 2,148,000 - Collect Them All!).  Although different numbers were not used for every issue, the following different numbers were used: 1,111,784, 1,112,362 and 1,376,485.  I am not sure how many different cover numbers were used.  Other than the collectible thing, this issue was rather ordinary.  [JAM 12/1/2009]

The judge has a noose (page 43).

Look for Charles DeGaulle (page 10), Tiny Tim (page 11), Rex Harrison (page 13) and auto mechanic Alfred E. Neuman (page 31).

Ed Meisinger noticed that the introductions for the three television parodies are out of order.

Hang On, Snoopy - Adventures of the Red Baron
Knight-Shtick - Can A Lot
Scream Gems - Mad's Home Movies
Berg's-Eye View - The Lighter Side of High School Football
Hem and Haw-Haw - Mad About Fashion Fads
Round Trip - A Psychedelic Diary
Award to the Wise-Guys - Mad's Academy Awards for World Celebrities
Don Martin - One Evening at the Health Club; On the Set
Joke and Dagger - Spy Vs. Spy
Born Freebie - Free-Loader Magazine
Ad-Venture - More Effective Advertising Spaces
Three for the Funny - Jugg for the Defense; Mannecch; It Takes a Crook

Fold-In - Donkey and Elephant