Mad #122 (Albert Feldstein) - Long-Long Cigarette Issue - October 1968

Mad in general and Al Jaffee in particular continued their attack on cigarette smoking and those who smoke them with "When We Have the Future 'Long-Long' Cigarette."  The article includes an actual (?) bar graph of lung cancer deaths in recent decades.  The super-long cigarette situations get sillier and sillier with the Jaffee touch for invention and engineering.  I especially like the innovative long cigarette vending machine.

I thought the Gentle Ben tv series parody, written by Dick DeBartolo with drawings by Don Martin, was a flop but I really liked the three Stan Hart/Mort Drucker movie parodies at the end of the issue.  Each of these movies (Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, In Cold Blood and The Graduate) deserved a longer treatment but I'll take what we got.  The Drucker caricatures are worth the price of the magazine ("Our Price 35c Cheap") and then some.  [JAM 11/29/2009]

Look for Orphan Annie (page 20), Mad Staffer Leonard Brenner (page 32), Lucy van Pelt (page 43) and the entire Nelson family (page 45).

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