Mad #121 (Albert Feldstein) - Sik-Teen Magazine Issue - September 1968

The feature of this issue is the eight-page parody of Sixteen magazine.  The parody is printed upside down with the magazine cover being the back cover of Mad.  Jack Rickard drew the color cover (Band members are LBJ, RFK, Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan) and Jack Davis drew the black-and-white inside pages.  The writer was not credited.  Other than the magazine parody, the issue is rather forgettable.  Larry Siegel and Mort Drucker produced a movie parody ("Valley of the Dollars") and a television parody ("The Flying Nut").  Since both of the parody subjects were inherently laughable, Siegel found little material for Mad-type humor. This was the first issue since number 85 that did not have a "Mad Fold-In" by Al Jaffee.  Jaffee drew the inside-front-cover Fourth-of-July joke (in September?). [JAM 11/28/2009]

Alfred E. Neuman is the groom (from the back) on page 17.

Look for Charles DeGaulle (page 8), Napolean Bonaparte (pages 8 & 43), Batman (page 36) and Frankenstein's monster (pages 8 & 34).

Methedrine Acting - Valley of the Dollars
Initial Dosage - Everyday Varieties of Psychedelic Fun
Forked Tongue-In-Cheek - Don Martin Looks at All Them Indians
Better Dead Than Wed - The Mad Getting Married Primer
Berg's-Eye View - The Lighter Side of Swimming Pools
Hitting Below the Black Belt - More Specialized Self-Defense Books
Put Your Funny Where Your Mouth Is - Mad's Cliche Conversation Killers
Hits, Runs and an Era - A Nostalgic Look at Sandlot Baseball
Robbin' Hood-Winked - Alley-Oops!
Sour Notes - New "Protests" to the Same Old Tunes
Nun Compos Mentis - The Flying Nut
Joke and Dagger - Spy Vs. Spy
Under Separate Cover - Sik-Teen Magazine