Mad #12 (Harvey Kurtzman) - 3-D Issue - 1954

For the first time since Mad No. 5, Kurtzman wrote all four stories for an issue.  He continued to challenge the competitors with his second magazine parody cover and with the first ever 3-D comic parody.  Still searching for John Severin's replacement, Kurtzman introduced Bernard Krigstein as the movie parody illustrator.

Wally Wood's parody drawings for "3-Dimensions!" represent the most innovative portion of the issue.  The story starts with two pages of red-and-blue 3-D humor then switches to black-and-white sequences wherein the characters break through a page, fall through several panels and knock everything off a page, leaving the last page blank.  In 1954, Mad readers never knew what they were going to get. [PSA1]

There is a worm with a hat hidden in the bushes.  "Mark Trade!" - page 1

Teen-Age Comics - Starchie (Elder)
Moving Picture - Eternity Back to Here! (Krigstein)
DDD Comics - 3-Dimensions! (Wood)
Nature Lover's - Mark Trade! (Davis)