Mad #119 (Albert Feldstein) - Balmy and Clod Issue - June 1968

"They're young.  They're in love.  They rob banks."  One of the most popular movies of 1967 was Bonnie and Clyde, a "true story" about a gang of murderous bank robbers.  The movie was beautifully filmed and the audience was led to identify with the gang.  Leave it to Mad to expose the hypocrisy of it all.  The Larry Siegel/Mort Drucker article and the Norman Mingo cover drawing are wonderful.  [JAM 10/13/2009]

Woman is wearing a Lipton teabag earring. (page 17)

Look for Shirley MacLaine, Shroeder and Charlie Brown in "Balmy and Clod".

We Rib Bank Robbers - Balmy and Clod
Don Martin - One Day in the Park; One Day in the Jungle; One Day in an Office
Take Off Take-Off - Mad's Minor Personal Loss Income Tax Return
Tongue-In-Cheek - Me and My Big Mouth
As Mania Goes, So Goes the Nation - The Mad Fad & Fetish Primer
Hoop-La - Mad's 1968 All-Star Basketball Teams
Till the Clods Roll By - What Is a Square?
Berg's-Eye View - The Lighter Side of Hobbies
Birth of the Blues - You Know You're Really Parents When ...
Status Woe - Songs of Wealth and Possessions
Pins and Needles - Famous Protest Buttons Worn by Famous People
Pro's Prose - Personalized Absence Notes
Science-Affliction - The Invasioners

Fold-In - Mafia