Mad #116 (Albert Feldstein) - Banana Peel Issue - January 1968

Shortly after The Summer of Love, Mad published the first of its cover-themed psychedelic issues.  See also the cover of Mad #118.  The fact that Mad was always satirizing the current trends and culture shifts, made it an excellent barometer and chronicle of the times.  This issue featured Bob Clarke's banana peel on the cover; urging its readers to "Take*A*Trip".  The theme was carried forward with Don Martin's "A San Francisco Trip" with a banana-peel-smoking hippie and the celebrity wallet of Timothy Leary (1920-1996).  I was never a big fan of the "Celebrity Wallet".  Who keeps letters in their wallets anyway?  The psychedelic trend was short-lived in Mad mainly because it was not very funny. [JAM 10/12/2009]

Jim Brown is wearing number 32 and Trini Lopez has an LP record in his shirt. (pages 4-5)

Look for David Janssen, Sgt. Snorkel, Beetle Bailey and Hitler in "Dirtier by the Dozen".

Bums Away - Dirtier by the Dozen
Season's Gratings - Christmas Cards to Seasonal Exploiters
Don Martin - A San Francisco Trip; One Day on the Road
Brats My Line - Mad's Theatrical Agent of the Year
Joke and Dagger - Spy Vs. Spy
Hip-Pocketful of Dreams - A Celebrity's Wallet (Timothy Leary's)
Berg's-Eye View - The Lighter Side of Friendship
Geriantics - You Know Your Really Getting Old When
Bound to Appear - Best-Sellers We're Sure to See
Luna-See - The Werewolf
A Turn for the Worse - Late Night TV Roulette
Mad Takes Pleasure in Presenting This - More Announcements for Everything
Animal Singdom - Songs of Pets
Copt Cat-astrophe - Ads We Never Got to See
The Surly Bird Makes Us Squirm - The Joe Nasty Show

Fold-In - Fig Leaf