Mad #114 (Albert Feldstein) - Dr. Seuss Issue - October 1967

One issue after Frank Jacobs' Mother Goose parody, Larry Siegel and Bob Clarke presented the Dr. Seuss parody: "The Cats are all Bats".  This cleverly-conceived five-page article introduces readers to adult issues as viewed by the children's book writer.  New Suess characters include Cliff poisoned by Con Ed, General Cole the hawk, Gene who wed a machine, Clark in the park, Annette and her pet, Bract with an act, a punk named Yunk and a rather unfaithful couple.

Dick DeBartolo was also in fine form with two clever ideas: "TV Game Shows Based on Newspaper Headlines" and "Future Complaints".  The game show parody was the better of the two because of the inspired drawings by Jack Davis.  In these precursors to the reality shows, Gary Moron has an ape and a goon in his audience and Mrs. Banks is wearing a live fur and using a bare foot to sort letters (which sometimes have comments of their own) from a box.  Art Lunkhead's contestant, Mrs. Schmeerer has a bird in her hat.  Finally, two stage hands are seen carrying a military tank in the government spending game show.  DeBartolo's vision of the future has come true to some extent.  The customer who complained about photo processing that took more than an hour would be pleased about the "19 Minute" photo shop in my neighborhood. [JAM 10/1/2009]

Hooch broke his binoculars. (page 44)

Lark smokers are getting cancer check-ups. (back cover)

Look for Linus, Bob Hope and Terry-Thomas in "Ratpacktrol"

Reader Neil Wahlert has identified a very young Dave Berg with future father-in-law, Bill Gaines in "The Lighter Side of the Mating Game."

Hail to the Chief Copywriter - President Johnson on Madison Avenue
Don Martin - Don Martin Turns on Portable Radios; On the "Tarzan" Set
Double-Standard Bearers - So How Come?
Apache of Blue Eyes - Sombre
Joke and Dagger - Spy Vs. Spy
Berg's-Eye View - The Lighter Side of the Mating Game
Tee-ology - Psalm for a Sabbath Morning
5-Star Final Indignity - TV Game Shows Based on Newspaper Headlines
Tomorrow's Mourning - Future Complaints
Seuss Your Old Man - The Cats are all Bats - By Dr. Seuss
We've Got Your Penumbra - The Shadow Knows
Trite and True - Mad's Late Show Cliche Movie Script of the Issue
Jeep Thrill - The Ratpacktrol

Fold-In - Teepee