Mad #113 (Albert Feldstein) - Mother Goose Issue - September 1967

Frank Jacobs did it again with nine nursery rhymes as written by famous poets Kipling, Longfellow, Sandburg, Poe and others.  [JAM 9/26/2009]

Dr. Zhicago is putting a band-aid on a gunshot wound and the baby has a moustache. (page 42)

Look for Charles DeGaulle, David Ben-Gurion, John Wayne, Lee. J. Cobb, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Dan Blocker, Woody Allen, Richard Burton, Peter Sellers and Oddjob in "Is Paris Boring?"  Also see W.C. Fields in "Iron Horselaff", Jackie Gleason in "Everyday Guts" and Charlie Chaplin in "Dr. Zhicago".

Achilles Wheel - Some Mad Auto Safety Features
Aqua-Bats - Water Sports Foto-Plays
And Another Engine Bites the Dust - The Iron Horselaff
Don Martin - At the Academy of Electric Fan Repair; In Caveman Days; One Morning in the Jungle
Spooking from Pictures - Horrifying Cliches
From the Sub-Rhyme to the Ridiculous - If Famous Poets Had Written "Mother Goose"
Joke and Dagger - Spy Vs. Spy
Selective Wire-Service - Mad's Do-It-Yourself Vietnam Newspaper Story
Berg's-Eye View - The Lighter Side of Going Steady
Home Is Where the Hardy Is - Everyday Guts Magazine
A Hymn to Disgrace - America the Beautiful Revisited
Cinemascoop - Dr. Zhicago; Is Paris Boring?; Throw-Up

Fold-In - Outhouse