Mad #112 (Albert Feldstein) - Mad Song Textbook Issue - July 1967

Readers were treated to 14 great song parodies by Frank Jacobs is this issue and Joe Orlando provided the artwork.  It is ironic that the Letters Dept. included one from Orlando's buddy, Wally Wood announcing Witzend.  Wood could have added some great gags to this article but alas, it was not to be.  The issue also included 11 pages of great caricatures by Mort Drucker and a great list of Mad words (from Paul Peter Porges) disguised as names of the British Garrison. [JAM archive]

Garrison members include Woodbridge, Huarte, Snow, Axolotl, Bitsko, Blier, Buoniconti, Fink, Grunch, Hanratty, Hornung, Lamonica, Mainly, Martin, Moxie, Neuman, Osszefogva, Page, Parseghian, Poiuyt, Potrzebie and the seven Santini brothers. (page 42)

Reader Tony Perodeau has suggested that "On the Beach at Ebb Tide" was Don Edwing's idea.

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