Mad #111 (Albert Feldstein) - Special Racial Issue - June 1967

Norman Mingo drew Alfred E. Neuman in five races to introduce this issue.  The feature article was Larry Siegel's very intelligent and fairly serious discussion of Black American politics in 1967 (parody of Porgy & Bess).  Mort Drucker added excellent drawings with few of his usual sight gags.  Drucker also drew Stan Hart's "Why Spy?" parody of the first television action/drama that depicted black (Bill Cosby) and white (Robert Culp 1930-2010) leading characters as co-stars.  Again, the sight gags were few with just some opening scene travel humor and a reference to Drucker's favorite city in the state of New York (Syosset). [JAM archive]

Bob Dylan's gold records are "14K" and "24K". (page 16)

Esprit De Core - Stokely and Tess
Don Martin - One Evening at Home; The Smartest Ape in Captivity; Gambling in the Amazon
Locale Color - Mad Placelies
Famous Funnies - Comic Strip Heroes from Real Life
Acknowledge-Mint - Where Our Tax Dollars Go
Joke and Dagger - Spy Vs. Spy
Home-Body-Building - Outdoor Sports - Indoors
Poe-Mortem - The Rating
Berg's-Eye View - The Lighter Side of Relatives
Mini-Ha-Ha's - Fantastic Voyages Based on Everyday Experiences
Millinery Parade - Mad's Easter Bonnets Designed for Male Celebrities
Past and Unpleasant - A Mad Guidebook to Vanishing Human Types
Caustic Agents - Why Spy?

Fold-In - Pollution