Mad #110 (Albert Feldstein) - Fantastecch Voyage Issue - April 1967

In the 1966 movie Fantastic Voyage, Stephen Boyd and Raquel Welch are shrunk to microscopic size and injected into the blood stream of a brilliant scientist with a blood clot in his brain.  And some people wonder where Mad writers get their ideas.  In the Mad version, the crew ("Operation Dripstan" to clear nasal congestion) is injected through the nose; travel through the intestine where they must dodge an apple core, a walnut and an open safety pin; float on the stomach acid; get stuck on the patient's denture cream; and finally get sneezed back into the "LS/MFT".  Luckily for Steve & Raquel, the second LS/MFT crew has been assigned to "Operation Ex-Lax." [JAM 9/14/2009]

The movie theatre has discounted prices for animals, birds, insects and microbes. (page 4)

[Look for Jiggs and Mickey Rooney in "Fantastecch Voyage".]

[From reader Anthony Perodeau] "A 'Berg's Eye View' of (Don) Martin is in #110 -- he's the 'camera bug' wearing shades who tells a college student that he was born and raised in 'this town' (presumably Miami where Martin had lived since 1959)." 

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Snow Laughing Matter - Winter Sports Foto-Plays
Inside Joke - Fantastecch Voyage

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