Mad #11 (Harvey Kurtzman) - Wolverton's Life Parody Cover Issue - 1954

Mad readers must have been totally surprised by the cover of number 11.  Kurtzman was willing to take the risk that the fans would still be able to find their favorite comic.  The Wolverton drawings taught them to expect the unexpected from Mad.  The competition was left in the dust.

"Dragged Net!" made its second appearance in Mad with Friday looking more like Jack Webb than Basil Rathbone.  "Murder the Husband!" was reprinted from EC's Crime Suspenstories #12 with Mad captions.  Faced with a monthly deadline, Kurtzman had to hustle to find material for his talented artists. [PSA1]

Willie Elder's mother is looking for him.  (Dragged Net - page 7)

Science-Fiction - Flesh Garden! (Wood)
Special Feature - Mad Reader! (Wolverton)
Quickie Comic - Murder the Husband/Murder the Story! (Davis)
Crime - Dragged Net! (Elder)