Mad #109 (Albert Feldstein) - K.E.N.T. Issue - March 1967

While other magazines were collecting advertising fees from cigarette companies, Mad was being a positive influence warning its young readers about the life-threatening dangers of the tobacco habit.  In the back cover ad parody drawn by Bob Clarke, the smoker turns green in the spoof of the popular Kent jingle.  In Mad's ad, "K.E.N.T." is the abbreviation of "Knowledge Ends Needless Tumors."  Reader Joe Simon wrote: "Anyone can give up smoking, but it takes a 'real man' to face lung cancer."  The Mad editors responded: "A 'real man' with a 'death wish'!"

This was Mad's 23rd cigarette ad parody.  The ad for "Marlbrando" in Mad #27 shows smoke coming out of a scar on the smoker's cheek.  In Mort Drucker's first article in Mad #32, the smoking couple got free lung congestion from smoking "Rolly" cigarettes.  Kelly Freas' drawing in Mad #40 encouraged readers to "Sailem ... don't inhalem."  The back cover of Mad #86 warned readers: "Smoke Likely Strife - and you'll discover one other thing: You'll also be separated from your health!"  Mad #89 (with parody ads for "Chesterfoggie" and "Winsom") reminded us that "recent scientific evidence linking smoking with cancer and other (yecch) diseases may force the butt-makers into mapping drastic new strategies to sell their product."  Al Jaffee's four-page article in Mad #91 stated: "Smoking has been linked with so many horrible sicknesses, you'd imagine that everybody would be giving it up" and, the warning on the "Likely Strife" package (with skull & crossbones) is: "Warning! Continued use may be detrimental to health!"  Mad #103 showed the "Cigarette Finks" on the back cover who still sell cigarettes even though "all those cancer reports haven't made their lives any easier."  The "TV Guise" parody in More Trash From Mad #6 introduced the "Marble-Row Country - A Complete Funeral Service" and Mad #107 showed the "Marble-Row Funeral Directors" who "planted young cowboys who died from those cigarette slugs in the chest."  Marble-Row is, of course, the cemetery headstones.  Thank you, Mad for telling the truth.  I have never smoked a cigarette. [JAM 9/13/2009]

Alfred E. Neuman has a gap in his toothbrush. (cover)

Reader Tony Perodeau has suggested that "Downtown" was Don Edwing's idea.

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