Mad #108 (Albert Feldstein) - Hogan's Heroes Issue - January 1967

Mad tells the truth.  And the truth told in Mad #108 is that Nazi prison camps were not funny.  I think that Larry Siegel and Jack Davis brought this point across effectively with their satire of Hogan's Heroes.  Whoever thought that Nazi prisoners were having a great old time was not anyone who spent any time in one of those prisons.  The television producers reached their nadir when they decided that a World War II prison-of-war camp was a good subject for a situation comedy. [JAM 9/12/2009]

One of the geeses a-laying has swallowed one of the golden rings. (page 2)

[Look for Charlie Brown, Linus, Ira, David Janssen and Rex Harrison in "The Sound of Money."]

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Status Quotes - Ads for Other 1967 Vehicles
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Summa Cum Loudmouth - What is a B.M.O.C.?
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Gift Till It Hurts - A Mad Shopping Guide to Gifts for Finks
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