Mad #106 (Albert Feldstein) - Scuba/Skydiving Issue - October 1966

I think the gang was anxious to get away on their summer vacation when they pushed this one out the door.  There was no common thread or obvious lead article here.  The fact that the cover shows an inept skydiver and the main article shows inept scuba divers, tells the story of the issue for me.  Disconnected and not so funny. [JAM 9/10/2009]

The "12 O'Crocked High" stars are riding on a toy train. (page 47)

[Look for Frankenstein's monster, Abe Lincoln and Zina Bethune in "The Bunch" and Smilin' Jack, Steve Canyon, Popeye and Beetle Bailey in "12 O'Crocked High".]

Group Therapy - The Bunch
Branding Irony - A Mad Look at Trademarks
Don Martin - Late One Night; Spy Stuff; The Bricklayers
Course Humor - Golf Foto-Plays
Berg's-Eye View - The Lighter Side of Music Lovers
Joke and Dagger - Spy Vs. Spy
Two Wrights Made a Wrong - The Mad Air Travel Primer
Glub-Glub - Scuba Diving (A Study in Depth)
One for the Roadhogs - Mad Visits a Typical Johnson Howard's
West-Ward-Ho-Ho! - A Mad Look at Batman
R.I.P. Kirby - Obituaries for Comic Strip Characters
Bombs Away - Twelve O'Crocked High

Fold-In - Tombstone